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Derrick Mckenzie teaches drumming lessons at the London School of Music Derrick Mckenzie will be appearing at Drumfest 2019

Thanks for visiting my Drums Masterclass page! I love to play and teach drums. Focusing on the groove elements and playing techniques, as well as drum rudiments and exercise.


I do believe in the practical side of teaching drums, so there will be lots of playing drums and enjoyment, playing to grooves, drumless tracks and actual music - which creates fun and imagination for both student and teacher.

Learning the drums? Join me for a Drums Masterclass. Check out the video and images below to learn more and get in touch regarding availability, etc.

Bimm Brighton Summer Music Camp 2019


I had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring kids at the Bimm Brighton 'Deeper Underground' for the Bimm Brighton Summer Music Camp. What an amazing and inspirational day it was too. Thanks to everyone at Bimm Brighton and all who came along and worked so hard.


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